Involuntary Liquidation

Involuntary Liquidation,

Involuntary Liquidation Definition:

  • When a company bankrupts its creditors to pay off its debts.

Literal Meanings of Involuntary Liquidation


Meanings of Involuntary:
  1. It happens consciously or unconsciously.

  2. It must be against someone.

Sentences of Involuntary
  1. He caught a cold without any life

  2. Forced return policy

Synonyms of Involuntary

compulsory, ordained, imposed, mechanical, exacted, coerced, reflex, compelled, knee-jerk, mandatory, demanded, prescribed, forced, constrained, unconditioned, automatic, obligatory, reflexive, coercive, required


Meanings of Liquidation:
  1. The company liquidation process.

  2. A person is usually killed by violent means.

Sentences of Liquidation
  1. Finished company

Synonyms of Liquidation

crash, termination, assassination, dispatch, homicide, bankruptcy, collapse, doing to death, elimination, insolvency, going under, manslaughter, martyrdom, liquidation, closure, winding up, putting to death, taking of life, closing, execution, close-down, shutting down