Invoke The Rule

Invoke The Rule,

Invoke The Rule Definition:

  • Separation and exclusion of witnesses (who are not parties) from the courtroom.

Literal Meanings of Invoke The Rule


Meanings of Invoke:
  1. Cite or appeal to (someone or anything) as an authority to support an action or an argument.

Sentences of Invoke
  1. Old defenses against insanity are seldom used today

Synonyms of Invoke

refer to, cite, instance, adduce


Meanings of The:
  1. This refers to one or more individuals or things that have been mentioned or are considered general knowledge.

  2. Used to indicate a clause or expression that satisfies a condition or explains the following.

  3. It is used to provide a general reference to something rather than to identify a particular example.

  4. Coffee (especially one thing)

  5. (Pronounced with an emphasis on "O") Used to indicate who is the most famous or important person or person in that name or category.

  6. Advertising with comparative value is used to indicate how the quantity or level of one thing differs from another.

Sentences of The
  1. What is the problem?

  2. The riots that made them

  3. Learn to play the violin

  4. I hope to post something every month if I get paid

  5. She is a young hot jazz pianist

  6. The more I think about it, the more devastating it is

Synonyms of The

the outset, the beginning, the very beginning, the start, the commencement


Meanings of Rule:
  1. Any clear or understood rule or principle that governs the conduct of a particular company or territory.

  2. Control or govern an area or city.

  3. Normal or normal conditions.

  4. A piece of wood or other hard material used to measure the length of a ruler or to mark straight lines.

  5. Judges or court orders only deal with certain matters.

  6. Use maximum power or authority (an area and its people)

  7. Talk to the authorities and the law to make a case.

  8. Drawing parallel lines (paper)

Sentences of Rule
  1. The rules of the game are understood

  2. The revolution ended British rule

  3. The accident was a rule of thumb

  4. The plastic mold includes a ruler, measurement and drilling instructions.

  5. The region is now ruled by elected politicians

  6. Place the page horizontally and print the information correctly.

Synonyms of Rule

direction, lead, by-law, be in control of, leadership, sway, custom, dominion, commandment, ruling, mastery, control, routine, administration, precept, injunction, standard, command, sovereignty, court order, regulate, jurisdiction