Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance,

How Do You Define Invoice Finance?

  • Financing based on the company's claims. This form of financing is like factoring, except with the invoice or credit company.

Literal Meanings of Invoice Finance


Meanings of Invoice:
  1. List of goods or services provided, amount due and declaration of invoice.

  2. Send invoice (to someone).

Sentences of Invoice
  1. This master file automatically generates important documents, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, exchange receipts, and receipt certificates in just a few minutes.

  2. If this is the case, pay me the bill for the trip and I will receive the full amount of my expenses.

Synonyms of Invoice

tally, send an bill to, send an invoice to, reckoning, debit, statement of charges, charge, bill, account, itemization, statement


Meanings of Finance:
  1. Especially large amounts of money managed by governments or large companies

Sentences of Finance
  1. The city and district initially funded the project

Synonyms of Finance

pecuniary matters, economics, accounting, back, money matters, financial affairs, business, investment, capitalize, endow, subsidize, banking, provide capital for, fiscal matters, money management, pay for, provide security for, fund, invest in, commerce