Definition of Invisibles:

  1. Unable to be seen.

  2. Relating to or denoting earnings which a country makes from the sale of services or other items not constituting tangible commodities.

  3. Payments and receipts resulting from international trade in invisible services instead of visible goods. Invisibles include banking, franchising, insurance, interest (on foreign investments), licensing, profit repatriation (from foreign subsidiaries), salary remittances (from nationals employed abroad), shipping, and tourism.

  4. Invisible exports and imports.

Synonyms of Invisibles

Unnoticeable, Undetectable, Indistinguishable, Indiscernible, Unapparent, Inappreciable, Invisible, Inaudible, Impalpable, Unobtrusive, Impossible to detect

How to use Invisibles in a sentence?

  1. Invisible exports.
  2. This invisible gas is present to some extent in every home.
  3. Our balance of payments got progressively worse and NZ started to borrow overseas to bridge the gap between our imports plus invisibles, and falling exports.

Meaning of Invisibles & Invisibles Definition