Invisalign Blue Dot

Invisalign Blue Dot

Can I clean wounds with Invisalign (without using it)? 3

I have to do this so I don't need to upgrade to regular CES. Please help me

I have Invisalign and I forgot to call the dentist tomorrow. I've never used liners and I feel like I have some ... little blue dots and I really need a way to make them as strong as they used to be (of course) ). What can I do?

I'm sure there's nothing you can do about it (other than calling and changing your dates ... maybe it's Nest and let them know you didn't use it as advertised and almost Want an apartment in a month).

Also, nothing can force you to go to this normal file. It's up to you ... If you want to fix your teeth, you have to be disciplined and use the recommended liners. If you think you can't do that, then a simple CES might be better for you (you can definitely get one that can barely tell you it's there ...)

Please do not try to deceive the system, if you do I am worried about your ■■■■ health. Color dots are there to make sure you load the board long enough to move on to the next one. If you are not prepared, it can be dangerous and damage your teeth. In more serious cases, it can take root and requires some work to fix. Rest assured, I asked my dentist if I could save time using only 22 teeth a week and he was against it, not because of the money, but because of the effect it had on my teeth.

There is another color problem when you use it. It will find that they do not fit well with it (for example, if used as directed, they should fit snugly and peel / chip easily). I know you say it sounds like you use it, but Nestly, your dentist, knows you don't. You can't have teeth, if you don't use it the straightener will change. This can tell you one of two things: First, your teeth will not move properly with Invisalign, so you need to get back to normal. Or another possibility is that your program and teeth are not on the same path and you get better and more straightening and you have more time.

nesty is the best policy and, believe me, no one can force you to do what you do not want to do. I don't know why someone (your parents say) would try to force you to make a decision you don't want and it would be very expensive to pay for 2 different orthodontic treatments. In my opinion, you should tell your dentist that you are not using it properly and maybe explain why he can help you with a successful test. Obviously, you have Invisalign for a reason. The sooner you apply it correctly, the sooner you will get the best smile.

With everything there !!!

. I have Invisalign and once you get used to it it is not so bad. I'm on my ■■■ at the end of my teasing and they're perfect. It gets really interesting when you get to the point where you're halfway there. Remember, when using it, keep good hygiene practices, brushes, floss and everything else.

The only downside is that he doesn't use it and drops the tray because he won't be ready for the next step. Paying all the money and not picking up the tray is crazy. I just want to get good results because at that rate it will never end. The only problem with this is that you probably won't use retainers and your teeth will move much later.

Simple, if you use it for more than 20 minutes, the blue dots are usually a little softer than a hot drum or something similar. But when it dries, it becomes hard. Try to catch the blue dots when they are soft as this will make them easier to remove.

Invisalign Blue Dot