Investments In Affiliates

Investments In Affiliates,

What is The Definition of Investments In Affiliates?

Investments In Affiliates definition is: Bonds, stocks, secured loans, related property and short-term investments in your own use

Literal Meanings of Investments In Affiliates


Meanings of Investments:
  1. The act or process of investing money for profit.

  2. Siege of a place by enemy forces to encircle or stop it.

Sentences of Investments
  1. Discussion on private investment in road construction

Synonyms of Investments

investing, speculation


Meanings of In:
  1. Explain the situation if something is covered or surrounded, or by something else.

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  5. Join or announce participation.

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  8. As an integral part (an activity)

Sentences of In
  1. Wear your best Sunday

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  3. See you in fifteen minutes

  4. Fall in love

  5. I read about it in a book

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  7. Says in Polish

  8. When planning public spending, it's best to be cautious

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  11. straight ahead

Synonyms of In

within the confines of, trendsetting, modern, into the building, fashionable, rising, home, at home, in the time of, at the end of, present, modish, into the room, in the middle of, stylish, within, over, indoors, chic, in the course of, in vogue, bang up to date


Meanings of Affiliates:
  1. Formally assign or associate an organization (a subsidiary or an individual).

  2. A person or organization that is formally affiliated with a large company.

Sentences of Affiliates
  1. National associations are affiliated with large organizations

  2. The company has established relationships with US subsidiaries

Synonyms of Affiliates

form a federation with, coalesce with, bureau, federate with, form an alliance with, confederate with, team up with, office, align with, join with, merge with, ally with, join forces with, combine with, band together with, amalgamate with, unite with, associate with, be in league with, agency, form a confederation with, cooperate with, join up with