Investment Objective

Investment Objective,

Investment Objective:

  • Investment Objective means, An investment objective is a type of client information that is used by registered investment advisors (RIAs), strong advisors, and other asset managers to determine the optimal portfolio mix for clients. ۔ Investment goals can also be achieved by individuals who manage their own departments.

    • An investment goal is a set of goals that investors set for their departments.
    • The goal is to help the investment manager or advisor determine the best strategy to achieve the client's goals.
    • Investment goals are often set by question marks.
    • Investor risk tolerance and temporal horizon are two important factors in setting investment goals.
    • Robodwisers can consider investment goals and build more portfolios at a lower cost than traditional advisors.

  • The purpose of the mutual fund and its shareholders. S. Growth, growth and income, income and tax-free income.

  • The goal that a mutual fund or investor wants to achieve, such as growth or income.

Literal Meanings of Investment Objective


Meanings of Investment:
  1. The act or process of investing money for material gain or results.

  2. Siege of a place by enemy forces to encircle or stop it.

Sentences of Investment
  1. Discussion on private investment in road construction

Synonyms of Investment

speculation, investing


Meanings of Objective:
  1. Anything that seeks or seeks a purpose.

  2. A matter of purpose.

  3. A pair of binoculars or a microscope lens that is close to the object being observed.

  4. (A person or their decision) is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions when looking at and presenting facts.

  5. The use of the relative verb or object of the noun in relation to or indicates the matter of the noun and the pronoun.

Sentences of Objective
  1. The system achieved its goal

  2. The root is named with the connected c, adding n after the target o.

  3. Check with high performance lenses

  4. Historians try to be objective and neutral

Synonyms of Objective

clinical, uninvolved, target, purpose, just, end in view, neutral, unemotional, impartial, even-handed, fair, disinterested, goal, dispassionate, unprejudiced, impersonal, aim, open-minded, non-discriminatory, equitable, fair-minded, non-partisan, end