Investment Income Accrued

Investment Income Accrued,

How Do You Define Investment Income Accrued?

Investment Income Accrued refers to Earnings earned on the reporting date but are not legally required to be paid to the reporting company prior to the reporting date.

Literal Meanings of Investment Income Accrued


Meanings of Investment:
  1. The act or process of investing money for material gain or results.

  2. Siege of a place by ■■■■■ forces to encircle or stop it.

Synonyms of Investment

investing, speculation


Meanings of Income:
  1. The amount received for regular work or investment.

Sentences of Income
  1. Have a good house and a decent income

Synonyms of Income

stipend, salary, emolument, pay, earnings, remuneration, wages


Meanings of Accrued:
  1. (Benefit or Cash) Regularly or in increasing amounts received or accumulated over time.

  2. (Work-related expenses or expenses that have just been incurred but have not yet been billed) Deferred at the end of the year.

Sentences of Accrued
  1. Plus interest