Investment Boutique

Investment Boutique,

Investment Boutique Meanings:

  • Small companies that offer specialized investment and business advice.

Literal Meanings of Investment Boutique


Meanings of Investment:
  1. The act or process of investing money for material gain or income.

  2. The environment of a place by enemy forces to encircle or stop it.

Sentences of Investment
  1. Discussion on private investment in road construction

Synonyms of Investment

speculation, investing


Meanings of Boutique:
  1. Small clothing store or fashion accessories.

  2. Small, sophisticated or modern company or business.

Sentences of Boutique
  1. The fine dining range includes boutiques that sell fine clothes and plenty of space to take your mom to lunch.

  2. Shop movies

Synonyms of Boutique

reseller, cash and carry, retail outlet, retail store, outlet, store