Investment bank

Investment bank,

Definition of Investment bank:

  1. Financial institutions that provide large amounts of long-term investment, especially for established companies. Investment banks often join credit companies to influence their management and operations. They act (often together) as financial intermediaries, guaranteeing the sale of new securities. He called a distributor bank in the UK.

  2. Banks that buy large numbers of newly issued shares and sell them to investors.

How to use Investment bank in a sentence?

  1. They are very good investment banks and I have decided to use them in future because they are reliable.
  2. Tom took a piece of paper and showed his grandson some algorithms that would be very helpful to the young man when he started putting his money in the investment bank.
  3. The investment bank also benefits from the additional fees charged to stabilize the stock.
  4. You should try to maintain a good relationship with your investment bank so that you can refer them later.

Meaning of Investment bank & Investment bank Definition