Definition of Invest:

Invest in real estate, stocks or businesses to earn interest or profit.

Meanings of Invest

  1. Spending money in the hope of making a significant profit or return, investing in financial projects, stocks or real estate, or using it to grow a business.

  2. Completing or equipping someone or something (a certain quality or feature)

  3. Dress or cover yourself with a cloth.

  4. Surround or block (local).

Sentences of Invest

  1. The company will invest 12 million in its new factory

  2. Over time, the words evoked a sense of humor

  3. Fort Polaski designed and occupied

Synonyms of Invest

perfuse, endow, surround, pervade, drape, beleaguer, fit out, rig out, robe, plough money into, put money into, turn out, trick out, suffuse, charge, attire, garb, besiege, lay out money on, costume, trick up, imbue, array, fill, steep, beset

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What is The Meaning of Invest?

  1. Invest can be defined as, Invest in companies like properties, stocks or companies for interest or income.

Meanings of Invest

  1. Invest in a financial plan, stock, property or company with the hope of making a profit.

  2. Giving or giving to someone or something (a certain standard or standard).

  3. Wear clothes or cover yourself with clothes.

  4. Surround (local) to encircle or block it.

Sentences of Invest

  1. The company will invest 12 12 million in the Linlithglow plant.

  2. The passage of time gave the words an unintentional sense of humor.

  3. He is in front of you, he has invested in his professional skills.

  4. Fort Pulsky designed and captured.

Synonyms of Invest

buy into, spend money on, enclose, splash out on, finance, sink money into, saturate, infuse, fund, buy shares in, buy/take a stake in, subsidize, underwrite, back, lay siege to, support, get a piece of, provide capital for, pay for