Inventory record

Inventory record,

Definition of Inventory record:

  1. Manual or computer-based record of the quantity and kind of inventory (1) at hand, (2) committed (allocated) to firm-orders or to work-in-process, and (3) on order. It often also includes history of the recent transactions in each inventory item. Also called stock record.

Meaning of Inventory record & Inventory record Definition

Inventory Record,

Inventory Record Definition:

There may be an inventory of everything owned by the University. Government inventory records are created by the Inventory Management Service. All large and controlled assets are listed on government inventory. If possible, these items come with an inventory tag. 6 digit number assigned to the article according to its identification tag.

Literal Meanings of Inventory Record


Meanings of Inventory:
  1. Make a complete list.

  2. Complete list of items such as assets, warehouse assets or building contents.

Sentences of Inventory
  1. I took a collection of pictures

  2. About 6% of slaves reporting illness in sugar plantation warehouses suffer from fatigue or exhaustion.

Synonyms of Inventory

record, tally, archive, register, statement, roster, catalogue, listing, account, description, log, directory, file, list, checklist


Meanings of Record:
  1. Make notes in writing or other permanent form for future reference, especially for official indications.

  2. Convert to permanent format for later playback (sound or performance).

  3. Something that is evidence of the past, especially written or otherwise permanent.

  4. The number of past achievements or actions of a person or organization, past behaviors or something or other

  5. The best performance (especially in sports) or the most unusual event of its kind, as measured and judged officially.

  6. Each thin plastic disc for playback on the turntable that carries recorded sounds, especially music, in slots on each level.

Sentences of Record
  1. They were asked to keep a diary and write down what they ate and drank.

  2. He recorded the guitar at night

  3. Be sure to keep a written record

  4. Airport security files

  5. Set a world record for more than a decade

  6. I listen to the recording in my room

Synonyms of Record

tape-record, career to date, tape, documentation, previous performance, best performance, previous achievements, evidence, previous accomplishments, album, note, set down, track record, history, dossiers, accounts, make a note of, put down, highest achievement, dossier, information, make a record of, star performance, take down, put in writing, make a recording of, commit to paper