Definition of Inventor:

  1. Individual who is the first to develop or manufacturer something. An inventor may invent something totally from scratch or may build upon an already established foundation. Alexander Graham Bell has been accredited with the invention of the telephone, but a number of other inventors suggested that Bell simply used their developed prototypes to create a working telephone..

  2. A person who invented a particular process or device or who invents things as an occupation.

Synonyms of Inventor

Ancestors, Apprentice, Architect, Artificer, Artist, Author, Begetter, Beginner, Builder, Conceiver, Constructor, Craftsman, Creative artist, Creator, Designer, Deviser, Discoverer, Effector, Engenderer, Engineer, Executor, Executrix, Fancier, Fantasist, Fantast, Father, Founder, Generator, Grower, Imaginer, Inaugurator, Industrialist, Initiator, Instigator, Institutor, Introducer, Journeyman, Maker, Manufacturer, Master, Master craftsman, Mother, Mythicizer, Mythifier, Mythmaker, Mythopoet, Organizer, Original, Originator, Past master, Patriarch, Planner, Poet, Precursor, Prime mover, Producer, Raiser, Realizer, Shaper, Sire, Smith, Wright, Originator, Creator, Innovator

How to use Inventor in a sentence?

  1. You should try to have an inventor on your team that is always looking for new products to put on the market.
  2. One of the schemes will help women inventors and innovators to develop their ideas and skills.
  3. Thomas Edison was a world-renown inventor who was famous for his many contributions to scientific discoveries such as the first working light bulb.
  4. Her father was an inventor and would make things out of nothing and it came to no surprise, that he became famous.

Meaning of Inventor & Inventor Definition