Definition of Invalid:

  1. Not legally binding.

  2. A person made weak or disabled by illness or injury.

  3. Mentally and/or physically handicapped and dependent person.

  4. Having no factual basis.

  5. Remove (someone) from active service in the armed forces because of injury or illness.

Synonyms of Invalid

Sick person, Case, Sufferer, Victim, Diogenes, Hieronymian, Hieronymite, Timon of Athens, Absonant, Afflict, Ailing, Anchoress, Anchorite, Annulled, Apoplectic, Arthritic, Ascetic, Bad, Barren, Bedridden invalid, Black, Blank cartridge, Bootless, Cachectic, Case, Castrato, Cloistered monk, Closet cynic, Consumptive, Contradictory, Contrary to reason, Counterproductive, Criminal, Cripple, Debilitate, Debilitated, Derange, Desert fathers, Desert saints, Devitalize, Disable, Disabled, Disorder, Drained, Dud, Dyspeptic, Effete, Empty, Enervate, Enervated, Enfeeble, Epileptic, Eremite, Erroneous, Etiolated, Eunuch, Evil, Exhausted, Failing, Fallacious, False, Fatuitous, Fatuous, Faulty, Feckless, Feeble, Flawed, Frail, Fruitless, Futile, Gelding, Healthless, Hermit, Hermitess, Homebody, Hospitalize, Ill, Illogical, Impaired, Imperfect, Impotent, Improper, In poor health, Inaccurate, Inadequate, Inane, Inauspicious, Inauthentic, Incapacitate, Incompetent, Inconclusive, Incongruous, Inconsequent, Inconsequential, Inconsistent, Incorrect, Incurable, Indispose, Ineffective, Ineffectual, Inefficacious, Inexpedient, Inferior, Infirm, Inoperative, Inpatient, Irrational, Isolationist, Languishing, Lay up, Loner, Loose, Mad, Malevolent, Marabout, Moribund, Nonrational, Nonscientific, Not following, Nugacious, Nugatory, Null and void, Of no force, Outcast, Outpatient, Pale, Paralogical, Pariah, Patient, Peaked, Peaky, Peccant, Pillar saint, Pillarist, Reasonless, Recluse, Reduce, Reduced, Reduced in health, Repealed, Repudiated, Revoked, Rheumatic, Run-down, Seclusionist, Self-annulling, Self-contradictory, Self-refuting, Senseless, Shut-in, Sick, Sick person, Sicken, Sickly, Sinful, Sinister, Solitaire, Solitary, Solitudinarian, Sophistic, Spastic, Spurious, Stay-at-home, Sterile, Stylite, Sufferer, Terminal case, The sick, Unauthentic, Unavailing, Unconnected, Unfavorable, Unhealthy, Unkind, Unphilosophical, Unpleasant, Unreasonable, Unscientific, Unskillful, Unsound, Untenable, Untoward, Untrue, Useless, Vain, Valetudinarian, Valetudinary, Vicious, Victim, Void, Weaken, Weakened, Weakling, Weakly, Wicked, With low resistance, Without reason, Wrong

How to use Invalid in a sentence?

  1. He was badly wounded and invalided out of the infantry.
  2. An invalid husband.

Meaning of Invalid & Invalid Definition