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Inuyasha Movies

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Okay, I've almost finished the Innovative season and I've seen all the movies, but what's the point? I mean I know 1, 2, 3, 4 and they make 5, but do they come between seasons or after all seasons or what do they do? I really don't want to see them again if a movie breaks them. Thanks for the help, I know there are a lot of Inuyasha fans out there, I don't know where to go so I decided to say thank you.


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He helped, thank you. I didn't know that these movies were over. I've heard somewhere that movies follow the seasons, but I wasn't sure and assumed they would come soon after EP 168, so thank you, I appreciate that. Very. :)

Movies don't come about seasons. After episode 168, the movies are linked in this order:

First movie: A big trouble with time.

Second movie: The key behind the mirror

Movie 3: The Sword of the Great Ruler

Fourth film: On a mystical island.

Movie 5: Curse of the Moon (I've heard people call it or the final showdown. I don't know which one is harder)

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The first Affidavit Tug Across Time movie usually falls between episodes 54 and 55 (due to the use of reaction waves). The second film, The Castle Beyond the Looking GL, usually comes in between 95 or 96 episodes. The third swords are set in Episode 136137 of a Noble King. During or between Episode 155157.

A separate episode of Ovisa, titled Tesaga, premiered on July 30, 2008 at a worldwide exhibition at the Matsuyaza Department Store in Tosza Sping. This egg covers the same events in Inuyasha, episodes 14 and 15 of the last episode.

In chronological order, if possible, they are: 3 million discs related to the Inuyasha installment, but the advice you gave is not enough to determine which season it is.

Inuyasha Movies