Definition of Inure:

  1. Get in the habit of doing something painful, usually exposure again and again, that can't be avoided. At first she couldn't stand the smell coming from the factory in front of her house, but after living there for several months, she became aware of the smell and barely paid attention to it. In addition, it is used in contracts to express interest in the future. This phrase is synonymous with profit.

  2. Effective commissioning.

  3. Get used to something, especially something that doesn't hurt.

Synonyms of Inure

Steel, Fix, Indurate, Acclimatize, Break, Season, Use, Acclimate, Domesticate, Toughen, Establish, Domesticize, Case harden, Condition, Gentle, Harden, Tame, Accommodate, Confirm, Housebreak, Adapt, Season, Orientate, Harden, Brutalize, Wont, Discipline, Ossify, Naturalize, Orient, Callous, Break in, Accustom, Familiarize, Temper, Habituate, Adjust, Train, Condition

How to use Inure in a sentence?

  1. The dissolution of one of the two parties to the agreement affects both.
  2. These children are addicted to violence.

Meaning of Inure & Inure Definition