Inu X Boku Ss Season 2

Inu X Boku Ss Season 2

Season 2 of Inu X Boku SS? ۔

I realize the year has passed, but the manga ended last year, boy, I'm still in trouble ...

Why are there no commercials for season two? Or has it been so long that the second season has never happened?

Personally, I think at first they just want to animate the things they animate.

Stay tuned for the sequel and see what kind of manga announcer it is.

So no, there are no ads for Season 2, and I think people are turning to other shows now.

No, because there are 12 episodes and episode 13 is just an OVA, not the real episode.

This is a really good mobile phone! And I think he deserves another season.

Inu X Boku Ss Season 2