Definition of Intuition:

  1. Ability to understand something quickly without conscious discussion.

  2. The processes of unconscious thinking that produce knowledge or solutions that are faster and do not move. Although it is not analytical in the sense of investigating relationships by accident, intuition is not mere speculation. Instead, it refers to experiences and information that are previously acquired and fully grasped. Tirelessness can be a point of view or an imaginary, strangely correct or as a result very wrong.

Synonyms of Intuition

Lucidity, Intuitiveness, Perspicacity, Common sense, Perceptiveness, Clairvoyance, Sixth sense, Clairsentience, Extrasensory perception, Premonition, Insight, Second sight, Foresight, Hunch, Intuitiveness, Percipience, Intimation, Vague feeling, Forefeeling, Foreboding, Impression, Funny feeling, Suspicion, Intuitive impression, Anschauung, Psychometry, Vague idea, Mother wit, ESP, Preapprehension, Presentiment, Perception, Instinct, Instinct, Feeling

How to use Intuition in a sentence?

  1. It was the workers' understanding that something was wrong with the machine, although all safety indicators sounded good.
  2. When deciding which way to go from work to home, the driver thinks that instead of looking for traffic reports to choose another router, traffic on one route will be safer.
  3. We will be guided by our intuition.
  4. His insight told him that it would be a bad idea to accept the terrible kind of drink he gives to everyone.

Meaning of Intuition & Intuition Definition