Introductory rate

Introductory rate,

Definition of Introductory rate:

  1. A low rate offered for financing as an incentive to apply for said financing. This rate is usually lower than the typical market rate of interest and offered for a limited time. It also may have other restrictions; the rate may only apply to balance transfers, purchases, or cash advances. also called introductory annual percentage rate (APR) or teaser rate.

  2. Serving as an introduction to a subject or topic; basic or preliminary.

Synonyms of Introductory rate

Opening, Initial, Starting, Commencing, Initiatory, First, Earliest

How to use Introductory rate in a sentence?

  1. I wondered what the introductory rate was because that would definitely have an effect on the choice I made in the future.
  2. A two-day introductory course.
  3. Susan applied for the new credit card due to its royalty rewards for free gasoline as well as the very low introductory rate .
  4. You may want to put out a special introductory rate to get new customers to try out what you have to offer.

Meaning of Introductory rate & Introductory rate Definition