Intreated Definition

Intreated Definition

What does contract mean?


Nˈtrit) 1. pray earnestly ask (a person) to pray. 2. sincerely ask (something).

What does easy to handle mean?

Definition of supplication. Transitive verb 1: particularly compelling reason: urgent request from the boss for a second chance.

Also, what does it mean to be sterile?

Inability or inability to produce sterile offspring: a sterile female. sterile sterile: sterile land. without the ability to interest or attract: an unsuccessful period in American architecture.

The question is also what does prayer mean in prayer?

(one person) seriously asks: Ask the judge for mercy. Asking (something) sincerely: he asked for help with his work of him.

What does it mean?

Definition of malignant. 1: wickedness, wickedness. 2: An example of harmful or harmful behavior or nature.

What does it mean to be patient?

Definition of patience. : Insult to the patient or persistent adversity.

What is the synonym for prayer?

begging (v) Synonyms: ask, notice, ask, beg, wish, pray, pray, pray, ask, encourage, wish. Antonyms: order, insist, order, order.

What does it mean to ask someone?

pray (a person) fervently or pray prayer. 2. a serious request or an invitation to do (something) 3. an archaic word for care (sentence 4)

How old are you in your 60s?

Definitions and synonyms seventy (= 70 years): she had lived seventy years.

What part of speech is she pleading with?

Encourage a part of speech: Definition of the transitive verb: to ask someone something quickly or with feeling. I will speak to the caretaker and pray for you. Synonyms: calling, begging, begging, praying Similar words: pray, ask, impose, ask, pray, urge, persecute, ask Related words: ask, ask, wish

What does prayer mean in the Bible?

Although a noun, prayer comes from the Latin verb supplicare, which means to pray with humility. Although a prayer is often seen as a religious prayer (it is used 60 times in the Bible), it can logically be used in any situation where you need to seek help or service from someone in power.

What does sixty mean in the Bible?

There are several uses of sixty in the Bible. Most refer to the simple meaning of the number sixty, for example: seventy oxen, one hundred rams and two hundred lambs - all of these were a burnt offering to the Lord.

Is seriousness a noun?

Name. seriously, with the intention or purpose: to speak seriously.

What does the prefix mean?

are elements forming words in verbs and verbal nouns, with a wide range of meanings: for example, to complete, the cause seems to indicate, because from Old English, by the way, it is round, on all sides (the form without accent of bi by see by (prep.

What does the word plead mean in relation to this sentence?

Definition of prayer. Request for an important request. Examples of prayer in a sentence. 1. I ask for some time tomorrow for our nearby cleansing program

How do you know you are sterile?

Symptoms The main symptom of infertility is the inability to get pregnant A menstrual cycle that is too long (35 days or more), too short (less than 21 days), irregular or absent, It may mean that you are not ovulating. There may be no other external signs or symptoms

What is the name of a woman who cannot give birth?

Refer to Infertility Primary Tee refers to the inability to give birth and the inability to conc epire or give birth to a child with a live birth, including abortion or stillbirth.

What is the synonym for sterile?

Sterile (a) synonyms: sterile, agenesis, sterile, unprofessional, unproductive, unproductive, sterile, sterile, efficient, deserted, unprofitable, sterile, unprofitable, empty, stupid, boring, unimaginative, prosaic, sterile, without interest, without interest. Antonyms: fertile, ■■■■■, masculine, fertile, fertile, abundant.

What does it mean when a woman is a baron?

: a woman who is a minor member of the British nobility. : a woman who belongs to various noble classes in other countries. : the wife or widow of a baron.

Intreated Definition