Definition of Intolerance:

  1. Inability to absorb or metabolize a substance (such as a medicine or nutrient) when taken in a body, and manifestation of various adverse reactions. See also allergic reaction.

  2. An inability to eat a food or take a drug without adverse effects.

  3. Unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from ones own.

Synonyms of Intolerance

Bigotry, Narrow-mindedness, Small-mindedness, Parochialism, Provincialism, Insularity, Fanaticism, Dogmatism, Illiberality, Ageism, Balkiness, Bias, Bigotry, Bullheadedness, Classism, Determination, Discrimination, Doggedness, Dogmatism, Fanaticism, Fixed mind, Hardheadedness, Headstrongness, Illiberality, Inflexible will, Intoleration, Mulishness, Narrow-mindedness, Nonendurance, Obduracy, Obstinacy, Obstinateness, Opinionatedness, Overzealousness, Partiality, Perseverance, Pertinacity, Pigheadedness, Prejudice, Racialism, Racism, Restiveness, Self-will, Sexism, Stiff neck, Stiff-neckedness, Strongheadness, Stubbornness, Sulkiness, Sullenness, Tenaciousness, Tenacity, Uncharitableness, Uncooperativeness, Unforbearance, Ungenerousness, Unregenerateness, Willfulness, Xenophobia

How to use Intolerance in a sentence?

  1. A struggle against religious intolerance.
  2. Avoiding cross-contamination is essential to people with gluten intolerance.

Meaning of Intolerance & Intolerance Definition