Definition of Intervention:

  1. Law: A legal process by which a third party (with the approval of the court) becomes part of a case in its own interest or in the public interest.

  2. Monetary Policy: Buying or selling a country's currency through its central bank to support or (rarely) reduce its exchange rate.

Synonyms of Intervention

Obtrusion, Interagency, Encroachment, Interference, Stepping in, Influx, Intercession, Entrance, Intercurrence, Intermediacy, Infiltration, Interruption, Inroad, Involvement, Entrenchment, Insinuation, Interjacence, Impingement, Imposition, Irruption, Unlawful entry, Incursion, Intermediation, Trespassing, Injection, Interjection, Invasion, Interposition, Sandwiching, Infringement, Mediation, Trespass, Interloping, Intervenience, Intrusion, Interposure, Interlocation

Meaning of Intervention & Intervention Definition