Interstate Experience Rating

Interstate Experience Rating,

Definition of Interstate Experience Rating:

Interstate Experience Rating means: A multinational (interstate) risk testing plan that utilizes the experience of multiple states.

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Meanings of Interstate:
  1. A highway system covering 48 neighboring states.

  2. Available or enforced in all countries.

Sentences of Interstate
  1. Picnic area on the highway

  2. International travel

Synonyms of Interstate

avenue, boulevard, way, roadway, street, road


Meanings of Experience:
  1. Learn or distress (an event or events)

Synonyms of Experience

come up against, be faced with, confront, involvement in, participation in, meet, have experience of, encounter, face, be forced to contend with, come into contact with, come across, undergo, run into


Meanings of Rating:
  1. Evaluation or evaluation of someone or something based on quality, standard or performance parameters.

  2. Angry rebuke

Sentences of Rating
  1. The hotel has regained its five stars

Synonyms of Rating

grading, grade, categorization, placing, rank, ranking, status, classification, class, standing, position, category, designation