Definition of Interpreter:

  1. Computer language processor that translates a program line-by-line (statement-by-statement) and carries out the specified actions in sequence. In contrast, an assembler or compiler completely translates a program written in a high-level language (the source program) into a machine-language program (the object program) for later ■■■■■■■■■. Whereas a compiled-program executes much faster than an interpreted-program, an interpreter allows examination and modification of the program while it is running (executing).

  2. A person who interprets, especially one who translates speech ■■■■■■.

Synonyms of Interpreter

Allegorist, Annotator, Artist, Artiste, Cicerone, Clarifier, Commentator, Concert artist, Critic, Cryptanalyst, Cryptographer, Cryptologist, Decoder, Definer, Demonstrator, Demythologizer, Diaskeuast, Dragoman, Editor, Emendator, Emender, Euhemerist, Executant, Exegesist, Exegete, Exegetist, Explainer, Explicator, Exponent, Expositor, Expounder, Go-between, Guide, Hermeneut, Lexicographer, Maestro, Metaphrast, Minstrel, Minstrelsy, Music maker, Musician, Oneirocritic, Paraphrast, Performer, Player, Scholiast, Soloist, Textual critic, Translator, Tunester, Virtuosa, Virtuoso, Translator, Transcriber, Transliterator, Decipherer

How to use Interpreter in a sentence?

  1. The interpreter was vital to the softwares success as the software engineer explained the process to us articulately and thoroughly.
  2. I had my friend be the interpreter for me while I talked to the people that spoke a different language.
  3. When dealing with someone from another country you may need to hire an interpreter to insure that both sides understand each other.
  4. The pair sat in the dock flanked by four police officers and the proceedings were translated by an interpreter.

Meaning of Interpreter & Interpreter Definition