What Does Interns Mean?

A person, usually a student, participates in a supervised temporary work program in a specific area to gain practical experience.

Meanings of Interns

  1. A student or interns who sometimes work for free to gain work experience or meet graduation requirements.

  2. Block (someone) as a prisoner, especially for political or military reasons.

  3. Worked as an intern.

Sentences of Interns

  1. Learning training took place in the week of May 1317.

  2. During the war, the family was surrounded by hostile aliens

  3. During the trial, he trained in the AD's office on his way to law school, but the children's dreams of losing and dying forced him to use "gifts" and he faxed them to law school. ۔ Police offered help.

Synonyms of Interns

apprentice, trainee, impound, confine, novice, probationer, imprison, keep under lock and key, take into custody, beginner, detain, student, incarcerate, hold, hold captive, learner, put in jail, lock up, hold in custody, jail, put behind bars