Internato Iacs

Internato Iacs

Internal Faculty (IACS) in TAQUARA RS, never come to this place !!! ...? 3

On the page, they are total liars, let people guess, I will say a few things that are prohibited here, besides serving every 1st and 4th day of the week, 8 am, 12 long days. And then but Adas 2 runs 4 runs 6 runs ...

Boy ...

Id © proido, eat meat Proido, Proido Coca Cola drink, Proido amor, Proido without physical contact with people, Proido without Facebook login, Proido on redtub3 e_e enter, Proido on orkut enter, Proido on msn enter, Proido not enter, Proido Go On any blog, Proido wears jewelry, Proido wears chain, Proido jumps (men and women), Proido wears ■■■ hair and long, Proido women wear nail polish, Proido wears ring, This type of Proido plays a violent game that uses violence. Your Proido game is all MMORPG, from Proido to Silver LPK, for reading all kinds of books, including Prideo which includes violence and manga or jinn. Add something, play Proido, listen to loud music (I want, I don't need to listen to headphones), and msm without ROCK, no nk and the like ... Proido wears skull link And it is forbidden to go from T-shirt tank top to cafeteria ...

You can't go from Bermuda to Janta de Tafira.

And besides, all the apprentices here are in the development stage, and here you get 3 meals a day, and still no food, instead of eating meat in one meal, garbage pound or dry water rice, , To eat gluten ... Merck lettuce, such food, cold food, I have to bring raft juice ...

Finally ... this place © a ***** !!!

I agree that no one will come here, because I have ten or three years of experience in this medicine ...

You are someone else ... µ /

Thanks to all...

Make sure one of your interns is affiliated with a fanatical church.

Always, before applying for an internship you should check your school or family lifestyle, or it can be obtained from the student file.

Credits that have recorded errors since then. It doesn't matter to you, you find the boarding school huts very strange, but it is not a ruin, it is very different from your hutwad.

You have the right to saber before enrolling in a school that requires £ or © vegeta, e.g. You must disclose rules, such as children or physical contact, before the contract expires.

If that doesn't work, your status is legal or directly related to your agreement.

Religion should not be imposed, but oil or not.

a ve o iacs mel © o melr School Make friends and learn ya estuéi 6 years there  © All the best

You can't talk about the cologne I know about, or you don't even realize what you're saying.

Current IACS ایک One of the best schools (in my opinion), you can find on this site or contact someone already.

Of course you are as scared of its rules as any school (some suck your boots or lie) because people eventually get used to it and we have a lot to do. Daily services are nothing, 15 minutes is not maximum !! On weekends, keep quiet about permission.

Advise those who have just read this post above, ask the mailer and come here to talk to the board or clear your doubts, make sure you like it!

People this school is Seventh Day Adventist Church if you have religious principles that you are afraid of, but it's not like you see yourself talking to my mother and learning for a long time and she says she has a There is school and I want to study hard I have been an Adventist since I was born and it is amazing to have the honor of being an Adventist, proud to be an Adventist, who likes to wear jewelry, wear shorts, listen to dirty music There is no knowledge about it. Or go to God and study. A voice that says a lot without knowing the real school principles.

Good hair you have already spent 3 years in this school and paid for all your sins ... lol

But I know you put bhangra, how do I get so much speed ??????

It took me a while to wear short hair this time around.

Good bye

Internato Iacs

Internato Iacs

You talk about things you don't know.

I studied there for three years and I had a lot of faith.

Everyone who studied and lived there liked it.

Easy to bear, does not make you alive,

It has rules, yes, but there are many reasons for it, games, friends, sports, music, parties and many other things, the only ones that live there are called © © cool.

I highly recommend it.

In addition to teaching virtue, I entered federal university without even hinting at taking a chair.

Where is the college A lot was born I thought !!! Can you give me or increase?


Wow, and I was selling O_O to learn there next year.

But you don't, it turns out or ■■■■ e_e

Make sure the VC in this college is grateful and is from another religion. it is

But it is a pity that no  © or قیام a school stay or day standing was prepared and you can't wear clothes like you want or ■■■■.

My school has short hair; it's easy to hit the classroom and get dressed.

Even those who study there.

Internato Iacs