International: What is the Meaning of International?

  • Includes all businesses outside the United States and its territories and interests for which the type of business concerned cannot be determined.

Meanings of International

  1. A game or competition between teams representing different countries in a game.

  2. One of the four associations founded in 1864-1936 to promote socialist or communist action.

  3. They exist, exist or persist between two or more states.

Sentences of International

  1. Murray Field Rugby International

  2. The international community increased solidarity and support for the Paris Commune, but was crushed by the ruling class.

  3. International exchange

Synonyms of International

global, foreign , cosmopolitan , intercontinental, all-embracing , worldwide, world , intercontinental , global , universal , ecumenical

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What is International?

  1. A simple definition of International is: Includes all businesses outside the United States and its territories and properties for which the type of business cannot be determined.

Meanings of International

  1. Present, located or maintained among nations.

  2. A game or competition between teams representing different countries in a sport.

Synonyms of International

far-reaching, wide-ranging, multiracial, multinational, catholic