International Organisation For Standardization

International Organisation For Standardization,

Definition of International Organisation For Standardization:

  • I will. A non-governmental organization with more than 150 member countries that promotes international standards in trade, technology, science, business, etc.

Literal Meanings of International Organisation For Standardization


Meanings of International:
  1. There they are, now they are happening or between two or more countries.

  2. A game or competition between teams representing different countries in a game.

  3. One of the four associations was formed (1864-1936) to promote the socialist process.

Sentences of International
  1. International exchange

  2. Murray Field Rugby International

  3. The international highlighted the solidarity and support of the Paris Commune, but it was crushed by the ruling class.

Synonyms of International

intercontinental, global, worldwide


Meanings of Organisation:
  1. For example, a group of people organized for a specific purpose. B. Company or Ministry.

Sentences of Organisation
  1. Conference organization

Synonyms of Organisation

establishment, combine, administration, syndicate, consortium, planning, coordination, confederacy, group, network, league, federation, agency, management, company, concern, arrangement, running, club, alliance, association, institution, conglomerate, logistics, coalition, organizing


Meanings of For:
  1. (For or for a person or policy)

  2. Influence, adversary or adversary (someone or something)

  3. By or for the benefit of (something or something)

  4. (Above) as a goal or task.

  5. Explain the reason.

  6. It has its destination (designated place).

  7. Representation (Nominated)

  8. In return for (something)

  9. Compared to the expected quality of (some)

Sentences of For
  1. Voted in the independence referendum

  2. He is responsible for the smooth running of his department

  3. This old man does not represent everyone

  4. Tools you need to frame

  5. Eileen is proud of her family for their support.

  6. You will go to Swimsuit tomorrow

  7. The letter "F" is interesting

Synonyms of For

giving support to, in honour of, seeing that, as a mark of respect to, because, encouraging of, purpose, owing to the fact that, right behind, giving backing to, all for, motive, the same as, approving of, goal, for, objective, pro, in view of the fact that, cause


Meanings of Standardization:
  1. The process of creating something standard.

Sentences of Standardization
  1. Training ensures standardization of procedures everywhere