Definition of Internalization:

  1. Internalization occurs when a transaction is managed by an entity rather than transferring another item. This process can be applied to business and investment transactions or to the business community.

  2. In business, internalization is a transaction that takes place within the company and not in the open market. The same is true in the world of domestic investment when a broker executes orders to buy shares of his stock instead of trading with external stocks.

  3. The process by which individual members of a formal group adopt (and maintain) the attitudes, beliefs, attitudes, and values ​​of other members. For example, work ethic results from an internal attitude towards time and effort.

How to use Internalization in a sentence?

  1. The internal process of ideas and opinions of each team member is growing in relation to the review of the company.
  2. I focused on the internal process in the group and it was very interesting to see that everyone changed and took the same shape.
  3. You should try to make sure that your entry into the workplace is guided by the right people.

Meaning of Internalization & Internalization Definition