Internal Revenue Bulletin (irb)

Internal Revenue Bulletin (irb),

How To Define Internal Revenue Bulletin (irb)?

Meaning of Internal Revenue Bulletin (irb): A weekly publication summarizing the various administrative decisions made by the IRS.

Literal Meanings of Internal Revenue Bulletin (irb)


Meanings of Internal:
  1. From or else

  2. Internal parts or functions.

Sentences of Internal
  1. The inner diameter of the tube is 1.1 mm

  2. All internal parts of the weapon are well made and very smooth.

Synonyms of Internal

intramural, inside, inner, interior


Meanings of Revenue:
  1. Income, especially if it's a business or organization, is significant.

Sentences of Revenue
  1. Marketers have lost 10,000 in revenue since the traffic plan was implemented

Synonyms of Revenue

earnings, takings, receipts, proceeds, income


Meanings of Bulletin:
  1. Short official statements or historical summaries that are issued.

Sentences of Bulletin
  1. 90 years ago, there were no television pictures, radio shows or internet bulletins to get instant news around the world.

Synonyms of Bulletin

piece, news, announcement, dispatch, communiqué, news report, account, press release, statement, notification, communication, headlines, report, newscast, story, flash, newsflash, message