Internal Linking

Internal Linking

It simply means links on your pages that lead to other pages on your site. Good internal links help Google understand which pages on a website are relevant to which topic. Don't confuse Google if your site has multiple custom Magento web development pages that you link to using this term. Your pages will compete for search engine relevance, which is bad.

A method of hyperlinking between different pages on a website to let search engines know that related pages are relevant.

Literal Meanings of Internal Linking


Meanings of Internal:
  1. Into something.

  2. In organism.

  3. It deals with the internal affairs of a nation, state or other political community.

  4. Working with non-public affairs of a company or other organization.

Sentences of Internal
  1. We've seen the inner compartments.

  2. His bleeding was internal.

  3. The nation suffered from internal conflicts.

  4. An internal investigation has been conducted.


Meanings of Linking:
  1. Demonstrate a connection between two things.

  2. Combine compiler-generated objects into a single executable file.

  3. It is used to connect other things together.

Internal Linking