Internal Control Over Financial Reporting

Internal Control Over Financial Reporting,

Internal Control Over Financial Reporting: What is the Meaning of Internal Control Over Financial Reporting?

  • Procedures developed by or under the supervision of the Company's Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer or persons with similar functions, and by other directors, officers and employees of the Company in order to ensure reasonable verification of financial information. Assurance can be provided. . And prepare financial statements for external purposes in accordance with the Universal Acceptable Accounting Principles and include policies and procedures which include: 1. Accurate and fair reflection of the record-keeping transactions of the Company's assets. Do 2. Provides reasonable assurances that the necessary transactions for preparation of financial statements are recorded in accordance with GAAP and income and expenses are incurred only with the approval of the management and directors of the company. 3. Provide reasonable assurances regarding the timely detection or timely detection of illegal acquisition, use, or sale of business assets that may have a material impact on annual financial statements.

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