Definition of Intermediary:

  1. Medium

  2. A company or person (for example, a broker or consultant) acts as a mediator in a relationship between the parties in business transactions, investment decisions, negotiations, etc. In the money market, for example, banks act as intermediaries between foreign investors, depositors and lenders. Intermediaries typically specialize in specific areas and serve as markets and other types of information channels. It is also known as a middleman. See also arbitration.

  3. A person who acts as a liaison between people to try to reach an agreement or conciliation with a mediator.

Synonyms of Intermediary

Negotiatress, Midway, Contrivance, Intermediary, Middleman, Creature, Middle, Agentival, Conciliator, Ministry, Handmaiden, Agential, Contact, Agentive, Organ, Moderate, Appliance, Intermediate, Representative, Favoring, Useful, Jobber, Arbitrative, Mezzo, Servant, Interventional, Mediator, Midland, Agency, Arbitrator, Coming between, Intervenor, Ministerial, Intermedial, Intercessor, Distributor, Mediative, Mediary, Wholesaler, Liaison, Tie, Link, Promoting, Tool, Halfway, Common, Handy, Mediatorial, Negotiant, Negotiator, Middlemost, Mid, Third party, Median, Entrepreneur, Transitional, Assisting, Conducive, Spokeswoman, Average, Medial, Slave, Dummy, Intercessional, Halfway, Handmaid, Nuclear, Pawn, Ancilla, Median, Deputy, Internuncio, Facilitating, Implement, Middle, Dupe, Arbitrator, Instrument, Interagent, Minion, Instrumentality, Serviceable, Intercessory, Midwife, Medium, Interposed, Interventor, Spokesman, Ordinary, Plaything, Arbitrational, Routine, Toy, Referee, Interjacent, Intervenient, Ministering, Connection, Central, Peacemaker, Mediator, Device, Middling, Interior, Intercurrent, Center, Arbiter, Equidistant, Midships, Intervening, Agent, Judge, Mesial, Ombudsman, Pacificatory, Front, Mediocre, Stooge, Charlie McCarthy, Mechanism, Negotiator, Intermediate agent, Banal, Subservient, Arbiter, Broker, Midway, Core, Mesne, Go-between, Standard, Intermedium, In-between, Mean, Mediating, Vehicle, Going between, Midmost, Umpire, Intervener, Negotiatrix, Middle-of-the-road, Usual, Intermediatory, Interceder, Amidships, Intermediator, Normal, Go-between, Interventionist, Mouthpiece, Channel, Puppet, Interpleader, Lever, Helpful, Instrumental, Intercessor, Mediatory, Interlocutory, Mid, Intervening, Mediterranean, Interceder, Forwarding, Employable, Equatorial, Front man

How to use Intermediary in a sentence?

  1. When I sell a hat business to an investor, I use an arbitration to make sure that he and I have the best deals and that what we do is good.
  2. An intermediary between lenders and lenders.
  3. If you can't make a deal with someone and things get out of hand, you can turn to an external broker to resolve the matter.
  4. When integration was discussed, both parties became increasingly active until a mediator was hired to avoid conflict and help the parties communicate effectively.
  5. Intermediate measures

Meaning of Intermediary & Intermediary Definition