Definition of Interest:

  1. Get someone's curiosity or attention.

  2. Conditions, shares or ownership in companies, especially in financial matters.

  3. Financial: Royalty paid to use money from another party. For the borrower, this is the cost of renting. For the lender, this is loan income.

    Interest can usually be charged on all loans before taxing the company's revenue. Corporate law requires disclosure of interest on loans, and companies often post the same interest amount on income statements and provide details in notes, which may include interest received or other adjustments. In cost accounting, interest is usually deducted from the cost because (as the primary payment) is equal to the profit and therefore it is a financial factor, not an expense. The interest rate is usually expressed as the principal's annual percentage and is affected by the amount, monetary policy, loan amount, borrower credit and inflation rate. The two types of interest are simple interest and comprehensive interest.

  4. Amount that is permanently paid at a certain rate for the use of the loan or for delay in repayment of the loan.

  5. A group or organization that has some common concerns, especially in politics or business.

  6. Law: Profits, demands, liabilities, obligations, rights and / or property relating to any property or non-performing element. Legal claims or property or property rights are called guarantees.

    Depending on the situation, interests may qualify (e.g., insured interest requirements for the insurance policy) or disqualified (e.g., a person with a legitimate interest in the process through a person working in a court case). ) To be base on).

  7. Benefits or benefits of an individual or group.

  8. The state of wanting to know or want to learn someone or something.

Synonyms of Interest

Engross, Stimulate, Embarrass, Fascinate, Contingent interest, Big end, Attention, Gains, Blessing, Commerce, Payment, Engrossment, Cut, Regard, Conjugal right, Belong to, Dividends, Self-centeredness, Fillip, Phony dividend, Sponsorship, Excite, Application, Blandishment, Tangle, Carry, Attentiveness, Equity, Tantalize, Fetch, Usury, Meed, Sway, Self-pleasing, Bias, Leaning, Liaise with, Attract, Selfishness, Partisanship, Remoteness, Divine right, Dividend, Respect, Ghoulishness, Vocal minority, Personal aims, Budget, Pro, Portion, Seduction, Whet, Import, Presumptive right, Cash dividend, Property, Moiety, Involve, Store, Pique, Persuasive, Proceeds, Heed, Reward, Receipts, Self-esteem, Tempt, Claim, Self-solicitude, Pickings, Plaque, Activity, Personal desires, Championship, Simple interest, Interest rate, Prying, Profit, Animate, Splinter, Settlement, Nepotism, Attraction, Arouse, Quicken, Gettings, Faith, Allotment, Snare, Lucrative interest, Power, Inclination, Part, Function, Fosterage, Tutelage, Extra dividend, Bear upon, Authority, Ration, Modicum, Enmesh, Premium, Encouragement, Profits, Captivation, Partiality, Appeal, Profits, Enchantment, Advantage, Scrutiny, Rate of interest, Bit, Mental acquisitiveness, Appertain to, Rate, Apply to, Aegis, Accrued dividends, Discount rate, Personal ambition, Benefit, Interestedness, Interest in, Take, Absorb, Curiousness, Commitment, Seconding, Affairs, Deal with, Great cause, Work, Emphasis, Bank rate, Cumulative dividend, Procure, Undertaking, Invite, Incite, Bewitchment, Equity, Caucus, Self-seeking, Matter of interest, Half, Nosiness, Intrigue, Avail, Segment, Connect, Title, Morbid curiosity, Splinter group, Precedence, Natural right, Bear on, Point, Intrigue, Investment, Self-indulgence, Principle, Meddlesomeness, Proportion, Stimulative, Wing, Favoritism, Income, Unneutrality, Halver, Implicate, Self-sufficiency, Touch, Compensatory interest, Employment, Stimulus, Take-in, Limitation, Accent, Droit, Inquisitiveness, Perks, Relatedness, Killing, Possessiveness, Partisanism, Stock, Issue, One-sidedness, Winning ways, Provoke, Prerogative, Lead, Charmingness, Lure, Captivate, Ethnic group, Investment, Cathexis, Curious mind, Summon, Come-hither, Temptation, Winnings, Parti pris, Gross interest, Behoof, Curiosity, Primacy, Notice, Pressure group, For the sake of, Treat of, Boon, Relevance, Witchery, High rank, Excite interest, Special interest, Consideration, No, Narcissism, Breakaway group, Preeminence, Self-interestedness, Selfism, Entertainment, Property right, Labor, Fascinate, Prevail upon, Bewitchery, Supremacy, Tie in with, Business, Sex appeal, Ego trip, Job, Campaign, Equal share, Political party, Influence, Pretension, Tantalization, Officiousness, Egotism, Reference, Self-jealousy, Right of entry, Privatism, Persuade, Stake, Holding, Applicability, Value, Sect, Regular dividend, Quantum, Price of money, Net, Dole, Reason for being, Backing, Thirst for knowledge, Notice, Cajolery, Induce, Neat profit, Quota, Use, Enlist, Price, Importance, Drag, Bearing, Birthright, Convenience, Self-occupation, Bite, Fate, Self-absorption, Connection, Of benefit to, Inalienable right, Inveiglement, Be attractive to, Capture, Engagement, Correspond to, Itch for knowledge, Strict settlement, Incline, Sympathy, Con, Inequality, Prurience, Interests, Charm, The affirmative, World of good, Undivided attention, Guidance, Special favor, Greed, Affect the interest, Faculty, Inducement, Advocacy, Bait, Be attractive, Concern, Bag, Melon, Mass movement, Careerism, Claim, Wooing, Patronage, Attentiveness, Service, Consequence, Penal interest, Share, Pertinence, Consequentiality, Avocation, Catch up in, To the advantage of, Contingent, Dispose, Draw in, Winsomeness, Undetachment, Touch upon, Bribe, Proceeding, Hobby, Stress, Movement, Behalf, Germaneness, Bring, Link with, Makings, Engrossment, Mark, Regard, Bigger half, Optional dividend, Well-being, Be of interest to, Pastime, Mess, Portion, Estate, Trust, Lifework, Rake-off, Thing, Plum, Aye, Drive, Entangle, Gleanings, Get, Sweetener, For the benefit of, Activities, Merit, Decide, Note, Enthrallment, Have connection with, Catch, Diversion, Kindle, Hoard, Charisma, Countenance, Voyeurism, Deal, Moment, Dividends, Self-interest, Entrapment, Appeal to, Prurient interest, Care, Pelf, Inside track, Incentive, Determine, Proper claim, Magnetism, Self-serving, Favor, Capital gains, Relate to, Chunk, Get to do, Silent majority, Employ, Infect, Interest group, Pertain to, Attractiveness, Scopophilia, Cause, Stock dividend, Engage, Talk into, Passion, Lively interest, Lookout, Mortgage points, Measure, Pull, Charity, Participation, Commission, Self-advancement, Graspingness, Worth, Provocation, Due, Common, Agacerie, Right, Occupation, Inquiring mind, Sweetening, Self-consideration, End, Self-importance, Goodwill, Move, Prompt, Appositeness, Affair, Absorption, Allure, Undispassionateness, Seductiveness, Involve in, Beckon, Stake, Stimulation, Relaxation, Returns, Autism, Prescription, Discrimination, Suction, Tickle, Compound interest, Self-admiration, Vested right, Helping, Matter, Titillate, Individualism, Incitement, Excellence, Concernment, Accumulated dividends, Carrot, Absolute interest, Wealth, Allowance, Net profit, Transaction, Auspices, Return, Appurtenance, Party, Equitable interest, Allurement, Personalism, Forbidden fruit, Crusade, Camp, Benison, Demand, Superiority, Special dividend, Enterprise, Perquisite, Snaring, Offshoot, Nay, Exorbitant interest, Self-containment, Perk, High order, Invitation, Absorption, Scrutiny, Amusement, Welfare, Priority, Significance, Interim dividend, Filthy lucre, Share, Preferential treatment, Vested interest, Enthusiasm, Prosperity, Good, Side, Weight, Destiny, Easement, Pursuit, Attract, Paper profits, Refer to, Preference, Answer to, Self-devotion, Pretense, Whet the appetite, Involvement, Beguilement, Doing, Enticement, Affect, Gross, Materiality, Division, Percentage, Seducement, Earnings, Gross profit, Fascination, Draw, Minority group, Small share, Cleanup, Clear profit, Piece, Fire, Net interest, Lot, Tease, Gain, Stock, Acquisitiveness, Faction, Beguiling, Glamour, The negative, Slice, Lucre, Flirtation, Paramountcy, Returns, Excitement, Suck into, Hold

How to use Interest in a sentence?

  1. Voters must express their interests.
  2. Integration is not against the public interest.
  3. I thought the book might interest Eric.
  4. He looked around with interest.
  5. The interest on my credit card is higher than the interest on my savings, which makes me wonder why I had a savings account for the first time.
  6. Monthly interest rate.
  7. Treaty of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa.
  8. The interest rate on the loan was so high that the couple decided to use another bank to settle it before making a final decision.
  9. I was concerned about the interest charged on this loan and it was repaid immediately due to security reasons.

Meaning of Interest & Interest Definition


What is The Meaning of Interest?

  1. Interest can refer to the fees that the borrower has to pay to the lender. It can also refer to the participation of the party in the insurance contract. In other words, the interests of a party can become assets that can be confiscated if the policy does not cover loss or destruction.

  2. Interest is the monetary charge for the right to borrow, usually expressed as a percentage (APR). Interest A lender or financial institution receives interest on a loan. Interest can also refer to shareholders' interest in a company, usually as a percentage.

    • Interest is monetary charges on a loan, usually expressed as a percentage such as the annual interest rate (APR).
    • The most important factors affecting interest rates include inflation, loan term, liquidity and fixed risk.
    • Interest can also indicate ownership of a business.

  3. The cost of raising a loan or interest.

  4. Money earned through investments such as bank accounts, bonds or trust funds. Interest is an unknown income.

  5. Cash payments are usually calculated as a percentage each year.

  6. Interest refers to The term interest is used to describe the cost of using money, rights, stocks or bonds.

Meanings of Interest

  1. Create curiosity or concern (no)

  2. The state of wanting to know or learn something or someone.

  3. Amount that is paid for the use of borrowed money or delay in repayment of loans from the amount permanently repaid.

  4. Benefits or benefits of a person or group.

  5. Interest, action or interest in a company, primarily financial.

  6. A group or organization that has a particular common concern, especially in politics or business.

Sentences of Interest

  1. I think Eric might be interested in this book.

  2. He looks around with interest

  3. Integration is not in the public interest

  4. Voters must declare their interests

  5. Code of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa

Synonyms of Interest

concernment , sport , case , regard , pursuit , into , game , concern , attentiveness , significance , preoccupation , excitement , racket , enthusiasm , sympathy , absorption , relevance , suspicion , notice , recreation , importance , note


What is The Meaning of Interest?

  • Payment for use or recovery of money.

  • Interest can be defined as, Consideration is given in the form of money paid for the use of money, usually expressed as an annual percentage. Rights, stocks or bonds too.

  • Compensation to equity loan bond holders in the form of cash or various bonds. Accumulated interest is the interest paid to the bond seller from the day after the last interest is paid to the day before the due date. This warranty is paid by the buyer. Interest is not paid to the bondholder, but is calculated as he can pay taxes. Re-investment interest can significantly increase profits.

Synonyms of Interest

thing , activity , passion , affection , diversion , care , interestedness , relaxation , engrossment , pastime , moment , hobby , consequence , leisure activity