Interest Rate (earnings)

Interest Rate (earnings),

What is The Meaning of Interest Rate (earnings)?

The definition of Interest Rate (earnings) is: How Much Money Do You Make With Your Investment?

Literal Meanings of Interest Rate (earnings)


Meanings of Interest:
  1. The state of wanting to know or want to learn someone or something.

  2. Participation, operation or interest in the company, primarily financing.

Sentences of Interest
  1. Voters must express their interests

  2. Code of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa

Synonyms of Interest

dividends, attentiveness, undivided attention, of benefit to, appeal to, attract, fascinate, intrigue, engrossment, be attractive to, for the benefit of, portion, be of interest to, profits, share, investment, scrutiny, claim, stock, notice, for the sake of, heed, returns, regard, equity


Sentences of Rate
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises

  2. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes

Synonyms of Rate

consider to be, evaluate, judge to be, compute, find to be, price, tariff, hire, fare, judge, cost, reckon to be, hold to be, outlay, assess, put a value on, deem to be, measure, value, amount, weigh up, think to be, figure, adjudge, charge


Meanings of Earnings:
  1. Receive money for work or services.

Sentences of Earnings
  1. Compensation for lost profits has been confirmed

Synonyms of Earnings

net pay, gross pay, take-home pay, wages, pay, salary, income, stipend