Interest-Crediting Method

Interest-Crediting Method,

What is The Meaning of Interest-Crediting Method?

Interest-Crediting Method means: An interest credit method is a method of calculating changes in interest rates on a fixed index annually. As part of insurance, this pension is usually offered as part of a life insurance policy. Lots of life insurance policies ltd. Interest rates are very important and can have a significant effect on their value.

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Meanings of Interest:
  1. The state of wanting to know someone or wanting to learn.

  2. Amount that is paid permanently at a certain rate to repay a loan or to delay a loan.

  3. Betting, operating or participating in a company, especially financially.

Sentences of Interest
  1. Integration is not against the public interest

  2. Voters must express their interests

  3. Code of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa

Synonyms of Interest

attentiveness, undivided attention, absorption, engrossment, heed, regard, notice, scrutiny, dividends, profits, returns, of benefit to, to the advantage of, for the sake of, for the benefit of, stake, share, portion, claim, investment


Meanings of Crediting:
  1. The ability of a customer to receive advance goods or services, based on the belief that payment will be made in the future.

  2. When a person's identity or definition is given or received, it becomes clear when someone is responsible for an action or ideology.

Sentences of Crediting
  1. Want to include columns on each page. And the total cost is equal to the total credit

Synonyms of Crediting

financial standing, financial status, solvency, praise, commendation, acclaim, approval, approbation, acknowledgement, recognition, kudos, hat tip, glory, merit, regard, esteem, respect, admiration, adulation, veneration, tributes


Meanings of Method:
  1. The procedure for reaching or dealing with something is a special procedure, especially organized or established.

Synonyms of Method

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