Interest Charges

Interest Charges,

How Do You Define Interest Charges?

  • Definition of Interest Charges: The commission is calculated as interest on credit card loans. Interest is calculated by multiplying your credit card balance by the daily interest rate. At this point the billing cycle multiplies by the number of days. Interest is charged only if the balance consists of transactions without any additional period or if the balance is not paid in full every month. If you complete the transaction with only one additional period and pay the full balance each month, no interest is charged.

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Meanings of Interest:
  1. Creating curiosity or attention

  2. The state of wanting to know or learn something or someone.

  3. Amount that is paid for using a loan borrowed from a permanently repaid amount or for delaying the repayment of loans.

  4. Benefits or benefits of a person or group.

  5. A company's process, act or action, especially of a financial nature.

  6. A group or organization that has a particular common concern, especially in politics or business.

Sentences of Interest
  1. I think Eric might be interested in this book.

  2. He looks around with interest

  3. Integration is not in the public interest

  4. Voters must declare their interests

  5. Code of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa

Synonyms of Interest

heed, equity, intrigue, regard, scrutiny, dividends, claim, investment, portion, stake, undivided attention, share, of benefit to, attract, be of interest to, notice, attentiveness, stock, profits, fascinate


Meanings of Charges:
  1. Demand (quantity) for a service or good price.

  2. Formally accusing (someone) of something, especially a violation of the law.

  3. Assign someone tasks such as duties or responsibilities.

  4. Stores electrical energy in (batteries or battery-powered devices)

  5. Go ahead in the attack.

  6. Apply heraldic pads on it.

  7. Sale price for goods or services.

  8. An indictment, usually formally against a prisoner, is brought to trial.

  9. Responsibility for taking care of or controlling someone or anything.

  10. Properties of substances responsible for electrical phenomena that are present in a positive or negative way.

Sentences of Charges
  1. Wedding planners can charge up to £ 150 an hour

  2. He was charged with assault

  3. The committee was tasked with reshaping the education system.

  4. Shaver can be used for carrying and walking

  5. The plan is to attack the enemy

  6. Silver quality full of gills cross

  7. Our standard price for a letter is £ 25

  8. He appeared in court on charges of attempted murder

  9. The people he is responsible for are the students, not the guinea pigs.

  10. Water molecules are not only attracted to each other but also have positive or negative charges towards any molecule.

  11. A small charge is generated on a 3 minute hand operated fuse

  12. Equestrian attack

Synonyms of Charges

lunge, throw oneself, fix a charge, safe keeping, citation, supervision, fix a price, fee, keeping, dive, assault, stampede, launch oneself, swoop, coat of arms, heraldic device, amount, escutcheon, toll, imputation, levy, charge, storm, round, figure, onslaught, career