Interest-bearing Account

Interest-bearing Account,

Interest-bearing Account Meanings:

  1. Interest accounts.

Literal Meanings of Interest-bearing Account


Meanings of Interest:
  1. The state of wanting to know someone or wanting to learn.

  2. This loan is repaid regularly at a certain rate to use the rejected amount or to delay the repayment of the loan.

  3. Participation, process or interest in the company, especially finance.

Sentences of Interest
  1. Voters must express their interests.

  2. Code of National Interests in India, Brazil and Africa

Synonyms of Interest

stake, equity, scrutiny, appeal to, investment, to the advantage of, portion, undivided attention, returns, fascinate, attract, for the sake of, share, dividends, attentiveness, for the benefit of, intrigue, stock, profits, claim, be of interest to


Meanings of Bearing:
  1. The way to get up or walk.

  2. Relationship Authority

  3. To the degree that something bad can be tolerated.

  4. The part of the engine that supports friction, especially between the rotating part and the housing.

  5. The direction or location or direction of movement of an object in relation to a particular point. Usually measured in degrees, the magnetic north is usually equal to zero.

  6. A device or charge

  7. For example loading components. B. Walls that support the beam.

Sentences of Bearing
  1. A person with a proper military appearance

  2. The issue is not directly related to this issue

  3. School was terrible, but now it's over

  4. If bearings that allow the crankshaft to rotate freely are worn, the crankshaft cannot rotate and the engine cannot rotate.

  5. The direction of the point is 015 has

  6. Symbol

  7. It's as if all the foundations and supporting walls have been removed from the closet, but still in its place, a permanent burst of comfort, manners and embarrassment. Are reserved for

Synonyms of Bearing

endurance, manageability, shield, path, gait, regalia, application, import, significance, insignia, connection, heading, trajectory, run, relevance, arms, aptness, importance, armorial bearing, badge


Meanings of Account:
  1. Details of reports or events or experiences.

  2. A record or report of financial income and expenditure relates to a specific period or purpose.

  3. An agreement under which an organization raises funds on behalf of consumers or provides goods or services to customers for credit.

  4. An agreement that gives users access to a computer, website or application by entering their personal username and password.

Sentences of Account
  1. The general ledger accounts for all income and expenses

Synonyms of Account

concern, rendition, description, judge, gauge, adjudge, take for, financial record, think, recital, book, seriousness, news, financial statement, bank account, weightiness, version, exposition, import, count, statement, communiqué, reckon