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Interactive Media,

How To Define Interactive Media?

Definition of Interactive Media: Interactive media is a form of communication in which the output of a program depends on the user's input and the user's input, and consequently, affects the program's output. Simply put, it refers to the different ways in which people process information and communicate it with each other. Interactive media allows people to connect with other people, whether they are individuals or organizations, and engage them actively in the media they use.

  • Interactive media refers to the different ways in which people discuss and exchange information.
  • Interactive media is designed to attract users and interact with them so that non-interactive media does not.
  • Examples of interactive media are social media, video games and applications.

Literal Meanings of Interactive Media


Meanings of Interactive:
  1. (Two people or things) affect each other.

Sentences of Interactive
  1. Children who watch interactive games with other blind people

Synonyms of Interactive

collaborative, collective, communal, combined, common, joint, shared, mutual, united, unified, allied, cross-party, pooled, mass, concerted, coordinated, interactive, unanimous, harmonious


Meanings of Media:
  1. The basic means of communication (broadcasting, publishing and the Internet) are widely considered together.

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  3. The middle layer on the walls of blood vessels or lymphatic vessels.

  4. The ancient region of Asia, the western Caspian Sea, is almost equal to today's Azerbaijan, northwestern Iran, and northeastern Iraq. The region, originally inhabited by the media, became part of 550 BC. Be victorious By Cyrus the Great, from Persia.

Sentences of Media
  1. Your order was published by the media