Definition of Intent:

  1. Resolved or determined to do (something).

  2. Determined and purposeful state of mind accompanying an act. While motive (inducement, reason, or willful desire) is usually not a deciding factor in determination of guilt, an intent that designs or manipulates means to achieve a foreseen unlawful end always is. Intent implies inevitability of a consequence, a natural or probable consequence is not considered intent in law. Often used interchangeably with intention. See also mens rea.

  3. Intention or purpose.

  4. (especially of a look) showing earnest and eager attention.

Synonyms of Intent

Enthusiastic, Avid, Eager, Ardent, Passionate, Fervent, Fervid, Impassioned, Wholehearted, Zestful, Zealous, Driven, Bent, Set, Determined, Insistent, Fixed, Resolved, Hell-bent, Keen, Aim, Purpose, Intention, Objective, Object, Goal, Target, End, Abandoned, Absorbed, Absorbed in, Acceptation, Advertent, Afire, Agog, Aim, Alert, All ears, All eyes, Ambition, Animus, Ardent, Aspiration, Assiduous, Attending, Attentive, Avid, Aware, Bent, Bent on, Buried in, Burning, Careful, Caught up in, Committed, Conation, Concentrated, Conscious, Contemplating, Contemplative, Counsel, Dead set on, Decided, Decided upon, Decisive, Dedicated, Deep, Desideration, Desideratum, Design, Desire, Determination, Determined, Determined upon, Devoted, Devoted to, Devout, Diligent, Eager, Earnest, Effect, End, Engaged, Engrossed, Engrossed in, Enthusiastic, Faithful, Fervent, Fervid, Fiery, Finical, Finicking, Finicky, Firm, Fixed, Fixed purpose, Fixed upon, Flaming, Function, Goal, Hearty, Heated, Heedful, Hell-bent on, Hot, Hot-blooded, Idea, Immersed, Immersed in, Impassioned, Import, In earnest, In effect, Inclination, Intending, Intendment, Intense, Intent on, Intent upon, Intention, Intentive, Involved, Keen, Lost in, Loyal, Meaning, Meditating, Meditative, Meticulous, Mind, Mindful, Monomaniacal, Monopolized, More or less, Motive, Nice, Niggling, Nisus, Object, Objective, Observant, Observing, Obsessed, Occupied, On fire, On the ball, On the job, Open-eared, Open-eyed, Openmouthed, Passionate, Perfervid, Plan, Point, Practically, Preoccupied, Project, Proposal, Prospectus, Purport, Purpose, Rapt, Red-hot, Regardful, Resolute, Resolution, Resolve, Resolved, Resolved upon, Riveted, Sake, Sense, Serious, Set, Set on, Settled, Settled upon, Significance, Significancy, Signification, Sincere, Single-minded, Sot on, Spirited, Steadfast, Steady, Striving, Studious, Study, Studying, Submerged in, Swept up, Taken up with, Target, Tendency, Totally absorbed, Understanding, Vehement, View, Virtually, Volition, Warm, Watchful, Watching, White-hot, Will, Wrapped, Wrapped in, Wrapped up, Wrapped up in, Zealous

How to use Intent in a sentence?

  1. A curiously intent look on her face.
  2. With alarm she realized his intent.
  3. The administration was intent on achieving greater efficiency.

Meaning of Intent & Intent Definition