Definition of Integrity:

  1. Data stored or transferred without unauthorized editing. See also data integrity.

  2. The standard is honest and has solid moral principles, ethics.

  3. The state becomes complete and undivided.

  4. Strict adherence to ethical code, which reflects transparent honesty and complete harmony in your thinking, saying and doing.

  5. The state of a system in which it performs a desired function without being affected by changes or disturbances in the internal or external environment.

Synonyms of Integrity

Singularity, Personality, Simplicity, Oneness, Immaculacy, Upstandingness, Distinctiveness, Unification, Cohesion, Undividedness, Honesty, Indivisibility, Fullness, Differentness, Fairness, Rectitude, Justice, Unmixedness, Moral strength, Nobility, Pervasiveness, Incorruption, Character, Unity, Individualism, Purity, Noble-mindedness, Integrality, Whole, Selfsameness, Inclusiveness, Unadulteration, Virtuousness, Self-identity, Fusion, Nonconformity, Combination, Worthiness, Irreproachability, Univocity, High principles, Principles, Simpleness, Right-mindedness, Plenitude, Severity, Omnipresence, Morals, Individuality, Personal equation, Morality, Honourableness, Goodness, Personal identity, Decency, Pureness, Reputability, Blamelessness, Selfhood, Uprightness, Virtue, Complex, Absoluteness, Honor, Stainlessness, High-mindedness, Inviolability, Starkness, Scrupulousness, Good character, Elementarity, Irreducibility, Thoroughness, Totality, Trustworthiness, Principles, Incorruptibility, Unspottedness, Upstandingness, Unity, Identity, Morality, Integer, Organic unity, Nominalism, Ubiquity, Togetherness, Righteousness, Uniformity, Soundness, Solidarity, Personship, Erectness, Forthrightness, Trustworthiness, Integration, Justness, Moral excellence, Entirety, Nobility, Honour, Homogeneity, Wholeness, Straightforwardness, Probity, Coherence, Rectitude, Selfness, Honesty, Good character, Particularism, Comprehensiveness, Principle, Togetherness, Undividedness, Collectivity, Differentiation, Uprightness, Unification, Universality, Decency, Singleness, Estimableness, Solidity, Ethics, Veracity, Exhaustiveness, Truthfulness, Irreproachableness, Solidification, Monism, Intactness, Particularity, Solidarity, Principle, Coalition, Virtue, Stability, High-mindedness, Honorableness, Sincerity, Fundamentality, High ideals, Respectability, Assured probity, Wholeness, Coherence, Plainness, Unimpeachableness, Cleanness, Embodiment, Unimpeachability, Unsophistication, Probity, Fairness, Righteousness, Perfection, Uniqueness, Egohood, Entireness, Completeness, Soul, Human factor

How to use Integrity in a sentence?

  1. He was known as an honest man.
  2. I would have questioned the integrity of the company's CEO if I had known he was discriminating against women.
  3. The integrity of politicians is always questioned, especially among members of opposition parties who are interfering to discredit their opponents.
  4. Our business is done with utmost honesty. We believe that honesty, hard work and trustworthiness should be the foundation of any business. We wish success because of the integrity we offer.
  5. Protection of territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

Meaning of Integrity & Integrity Definition

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