Integrated Risk Financing

Integrated Risk Financing,

Integrated Risk Financing:

A type of risk finance that provides built-in protection against catastrophic losses. This may include traditional and non-traditional types of exposure or just traditional hazards.

Literal Meanings of Integrated Risk Financing


Meanings of Integrated:
  1. (Institutions, bodies, etc.) destroyed, especially ethnic.

  2. Connected or connected to a part or aspect.

  3. Details of average price or total quantity of variable goods.

  4. Make one complete by combining (one thing) with another.

  5. Bring people (groups or individuals with special characteristics or needs) to participate equally or be part of a social group or organization.

  6. Must find

Sentences of Integrated
  1. Integrated education

  2. Integrated public transport system

  3. Electron density connected to the line of sight.

  4. Transport planning should be integrated into energy policy.

  5. Integration of children with special needs into government schools.

  6. The speed profile is obtained by integrating this equation.

Synonyms of Integrated

non-segregated, confederate, amalgamated, joined, mingle, coherent, consolidate, assimilate, mesh, affiliate, join, blend, harmonize, federated, merge, meld, desegregate, intermix, blended, united, amalgamate, homogeneous, mutually dependent, meshed, desegregated


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Risk management situation

  2. Expose someone or something valuable for loss, damage or loss.

Synonyms of Risk

probability, hazard, put at risk, bet, menace, possibility, put in jeopardy, danger, threat, gamble (with), jeopardize, take a chance with, fear, venture, endanger, peril, chance, put on the line, put in danger, likelihood, prospect, imperil, expose to danger


Meanings of Financing:
  1. Finance (a person or company).

Sentences of Financing
  1. Healthcare is paid almost entirely by taxpayers.

Synonyms of Financing

underwrite, guarantee, back, act as guarantor of, pay for, bankroll, sponsor, fund, provide capital/security for, endow, foot the bill for, invest in, furnish credit for, capitalize, pick up the tab for, subsidize, support