Integrated Media

Integrated Media

When more than one of the three main types of media (paid, owned, and earned) intersect and work together in a marketing campaign.

Literal Meanings of Integrated Media


Meanings of Integrated:
  1. Unite, complete, renew, bring to perfection.

  2. Are included as an attribute or function.

  3. To display set to give a sum or total, such as an integrated anemometer, which displays or records the total action of the wind at any given time.

  4. Perform an integration operation to find the integral of .

  5. Desegregation, such as in a school or neighbourhood.

  6. Combine compatible elements to integrate them.

  7. Assembled and coordinated as one whole.

  8. Characterized by integration.

Sentences of Integrated
  1. They were eager to take up their newfound skills in acting.

  2. Refugees are well integrated into society.


Meanings of Media:
  1. The middle layer of the wall of a blood or lymph vessel consists of connective tissue and muscles.

  2. (media or plural media) Materials or empty spaces through which signals, waves or forces pass.

  3. (means or plural media) The means, channel or body by which an end is achieved.

  4. (plural) A person who wears clothes or clothes of average size.

  5. (middle plural) A serving of Guinness (or another stout in some regions).

Integrated Media