Definition of Integrate:

  1. Bring (people or groups with particular characteristics or needs) into equal participation in or membership of a social group or institution.

  2. Find the integral of.

  3. Combine (one thing) with another so that they become a whole.

  4. To join together or unify disparate components or elements into a coordinated or harmonious whole.

Synonyms of Integrate

Accommodate, Add, Adjust, Admix, Alloy, Amalgamate, Arrange, Articulate, Assemble, Assimilate, Attune, Balance, Bemingle, Blend, Bring together, Coalesce, Combine, Come together, Commingle, Commix, Compact, Compensate, Compose, Compound, Comprise, Concatenate, Concentrate, Concoct, Conform, Conglomerate, Conjoin, Connect, Consolidate, Constitute a whole, Coordinate, Counterbalance, Counterpoise, Countervail, Desegregate, Embody, Emulsify, Encompass, Entity, Equalize, Equate, Even, Even up, Fit, Flux, Form a unity, Fuse, Harmonize, Hash, Homogenize, Immingle, Immix, Include, Incorporate, Integral, Interblend, Interfuse, Interlace, Interlard, Intermingle, Intermix, Intertwine, Interweave, Join, Jumble, Knead, Knit, Level, Link, Lump together, Make a whole, Make one, Meld, Melt into one, Merge, Mesh, Mingle, Mingle-mangle, Mix, Mix up, Orchestrate, Organize, Poise, Proportion, Proportionate, Put together, Reconcile, Reduce to unity, Reembody, Regularize, Roll into one, Scramble, Shade into, Shuffle, Solidify, Square, Stir up, Strike a balance, Sum, Symmetrize, Symphonize, Syncretize, Syndicate, Synthesize, System, Systematize, Throw together, Toss together, Totality, Tune, Unify, Unite, Work, Combine, Amalgamate, Merge, Unite, Join, Fuse, Blend, Mingle, Coalesce, Consolidate, Meld, Intermingle, Mix, Intermix, Incorporate, Affiliate, Unify, Assimilate, Homogenize, Harmonize, Mesh, Desegregate

How to use Integrate in a sentence?

  1. Integrating children with special needs into ordinary schools.
  2. Transportation planning should be integrated with energy policy.
  3. The velocity profile can be obtained by integrating this equation.

Meaning of Integrate & Integrate Definition