Definition of Integer:

  1. Any whole number, whether positive or negative, and including 0.

  2. A whole number; a number that is not a fraction.

  3. A thing complete in itself.

Synonyms of Integer

Gaussian integer, Algebraic number, Article, Cardinal, Cardinal number, Cipher, Collectivity, Complex, Complex number, Defective number, Digit, Embodiment, Entirety, Entity, Even number, Figure, Finite number, Fraction, Imaginary number, Impair, Individual, Infinity, Integration, Integrity, Irrational, Irrational number, Item, Mixed number, Module, Numeral, Oneness, Ordinal, Organic unity, Pair, Person, Persona, Point, Polygonal number, Prime number, Pure imaginary, Rational, Rational number, Real, Real number, Rectangular number, Round number, Serial number, Single, Singleton, Soul, Surd, Totality, Transcendental number, Transfinite number, Unit, Unity, Whole, Whole number

How to use Integer in a sentence?

  1. Integer values.

Meaning of Integer & Integer Definition