Definition of Intangible:

  1. Can't touch or hold it without physical presence.

  2. Something that doesn't matter.

  3. It cannot be estimated, felt, measured or transmitted because it does not contain any physical substance.

Synonyms of Intangible

Elusive, Vaporous, Insensible, Fleeting, Unperceivable, Infinitesimal, Phantom, Eluding, Spiritual, Disembodied, Discarnate, Unappreciable, Extramundane, Aerial, Unembodied, Indefinite, Unobservable, Unworldly, Bodiless, Evasive, Impalpable, Non-physical, Microcosmic, Aeriform, Incorporate, Indiscernible, Slight, Imperceptible to the touch, Germinal, Dim, Invisible, Airy, Untouchable, Atomic, Subatomic, Unextended, Granular, Slender, Imprecise, Astral, Invisible, Otherworldly, Nonphysical, Insubstantial, Rare, Asomatous, Disembodied, Supernatural, Decarnated, Incorporeal, Thin, Unsolid, Nonsubstantial, Molecular, Ethereal, Unphysical, Immaterial, Imponderable, Corpuscular, Microscopic, Ghostly, Transmundane, Imperceptible, Vague, Incorporeal, Shadowy, Occult, Bodiless, Unsubstantial, Weightless, Nonmaterial, Unapparent, Unembodied, Unearthly, Obscure, Unconcrete, Unseeable, Unsubstanced, Psychic, Ultramicroscopic, Embryonic, Unfleshly, Abstract, Evanescent, Decarnate, Inappreciable, Impalpable, Tenuous

How to use Intangible in a sentence?

  1. Trustworthy assets such as trust and liability.
  2. I tried to explain the situation to a friend, but he had a hard time understanding an idea or anything else because the idea in question was unimaginable.
  3. There are things that are sometimes out of your control in the business world and it is important that you deal with all the complexities.
  4. The actor is very good with words and gestures, but there is something more important about him, which makes him great.
  5. My colleagues are not interested in cyberspace or anything that doesn't matter.

Meaning of Intangible & Intangible Definition