Insuring agreement

Insuring agreement,

Definition of Insuring agreement:

  1. The section of the policy contract that specifies the hazards the insured is covered against, the people covered, and the length of the contract.

Meaning of Insuring agreement & Insuring agreement Definition

Insuring Agreement,

Insuring Agreement:

You can define Insuring Agreement as, The part of the insurance policy in which the insurer wants to pay the insurance or the insurer. Insurance contracts are usually in the form of insurance coverage in which the policy is made. Insurance contracts usually have a broad definition of coverage that is limited by exceptions and definitions.

Insuring Agreement means, In the insurance contract, the insured promises payment.

The part of the insurance contract that the insurer promises.

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Meanings of Insuring:
  1. Compensation for loss or damage (property), injury or death (to a person) in return for regular payments to companies or governments.

  2. Catch or protect someone (a possibility)

  3. Other warranty term

Sentences of Insuring
  1. The table should be set at £ 2500

  2. Celia is content, she can save herself from other misfortunes

  3. Now, what can I do to ensure that my child receives a quality education and continues to be encouraged in the classroom?

Synonyms of Insuring

sponsor, support, back, insure, indemnify, provide security for, take the risk for, subsidize, contribute to, pay for, provide capital for, finance, fund


Meanings of Agreement:
  1. Harmony or agreement according to opinion or feeling as a result of a place or an agreement.

Sentences of Agreement
  1. The government has not reached an agreement

Synonyms of Agreement

accord, concurrence, consensus, harmony, accordance, unity, unison, concord, like-mindedness, rapport, sympathy