Definition of Insurer:

  1. Insurance company that issues a particular insurance policy to an insured. In case of a very large risk, several insurance companies may combine to issue one policy.

  2. A person or company that underwrites an insurance risk; the party in an insurance contract undertaking to pay compensation.

Synonyms of Insurer

Approver, Bailsman, Bondsman, Certifier, Confirmer, Cosignatory, Cosigner, Endorser, Godfather, Godparent, Guarantee, Guarantor, Guaranty, Mainpernor, Mortgagor, Notary, Notary public, Party, Ratifier, Signatory, Sponsor, Subscriber, Surety, Underwriter, Upholder, Warrantor

How to use Insurer in a sentence?

  1. They were a really good insurer and we always used them because of how efficient they were an how much they cared.
  2. The new couple were relieved when their new home insurer told them their premium would be much lower than previously expected due to a crime shift in the neighborhood.
  3. Even switching the amount of the shortfall predicted by your insurer to a repayment mortgage will help.
  4. After its insured driver caused a three-car accident on the interstate, the drivers insurer was forced to settle the property damage claims of the two non-liable drivers.

Meaning of Insurer & Insurer Definition


What is The Definition of Insurer?

  • Insurers who carry out insurance-related compensation activities and other activities.

  • Insurer means: An insurance company is a party that agrees to compensate another individual, company or organization for certain financial losses. These services are usually offered in exchange for bonuses. The final risk and the exact value of the premium are determined by the contract between the insurer and the insured.

Meanings of Insurer

  1. A person or company that insures risks paying this part of the insurance contract.

Sentences of Insurer

  1. Even if you cover the loss, your insurance company expects you to pay off your mortgage.


How Do You Define Insurer?

Insurer means:

An insurance company is a company that provides financial coverage in case of unforeseen and unforeseen events, it is through base or lease insurance.

Insurance company. The party usually provides coverage through an insurance contract.

Insurer means, An insurance company that provides protection and insurance services.

Insurer means, Organizations that offer insurance.

Insurer definition is: The part of the insurance contract that promises profit or loss. Also any company whose main activity is community insurance. See also insurance company.

Under state law, the insurance or insurance company has the right to take ownership and / or civil liability insurance.

Insurer refers to

Insurer definition is:

Companies that offer life insurance to insurers. This is the person who pays the insured premium and the insurer, and as a result gives the insured the death benefit in the event of the insured's death.


Definition of Insurer:

  1. Insurer definition is: This means that the insured or the insurance service provider will take out the insurance risk and agree to pay compensation to the insured.

  2. Insurance companies that provide insurance coverage. Lloyds Insurance or the insurer who receives something in return (premium) agrees to repair the damage or loss to the premium customers due to accidents or incidents as per the guidelines.

  3. Life insurance.

  4. Insurer can be defined as,

    The insurer will issue a policy to protect you from certain risks. See also What is a subscription?


What is The Definition of Insurer?


Insurance companies that seek to compensate and run other insurance-related businesses.

Insurer can be defined as, Insurers are parties that agree to compensate individuals, companies or other entities for certain financial losses. This service is usually provided for the exchange of payments called bonuses. The correct risk of the insured and the correct price of the premium are determined in the contract agreement between the insurer and the insured.

Insurers refer to companies that provide financial protection in the event that an unforeseen and serious event involves your tenant or tenant policy.

Insurance company. The party that provides insurance coverage, usually through an insurance contract.

Meanings of Insurer

  1. The insured person or company runs the risk of agreeing to pay compensation to the contracting parties.