Definition of Insured:

  1. A person or organization covered by insurance.

  2. Covered by insurance.

  3. Entity or property covered under an insurance policy against insured perils.

Synonyms of Insured

Assured, Certain, Certified, Covered, Ensured, Guaranteed, Immune, Immunized, Intact, Protected, Safe, Safe and sound, Secure, Secured, Sure, Undamaged, Unharmed, Unhurt, Unscathed, Unthreatened, Untouched, Warranted

How to use Insured in a sentence?

  1. When she accidentally ran her car into the street light, she was glad that her car was insured because the cost of repairs could run into the thousands.
  2. Compensation for the death of the insured.
  3. I could not afford to get into a car accident because I was not insured and would end up on the street.
  4. You should always be insured in the important things you do so that you do not have to much liability.
  5. The insured car.

Meaning of Insured & Insured Definition