Insured Insurability Benefit

Insured Insurability Benefit,

What Does Insured Insurability Benefit Mean?

This gives the policyholder the right to take out additional insurance on any of the optional dates that occur after the issuance of the original policy, without proof of its coverage.

Literal Meanings of Insured Insurability Benefit


Meanings of Insured:
  1. Insured person or organization.

Sentences of Insured
  1. Compensation if the insured dies


Meanings of Benefit:
  1. Benefit or benefit comes from something.

  2. Payments or gifts from owners, governments or insurance companies.

  3. Public performances or other entertainment whose income is donated to some charitable cause.

Sentences of Benefit
  1. Social assistance benefits

  2. Social season marked by the first and beneficial campaign

Synonyms of Benefit

social security, well-being, convenience, advantage, insurance money, pension, benefit payments, reap benefits, unemployment benefit, government benefit, sick pay, state benefit, reap financial reward, ease, satisfaction, gain, social security payments, make money, comfort, sake